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Safety Beams

Commercial Operator Accessories

safety beams

Safety Beams

For the ultimate in site safety, our UL325-compliant safety beams pair with our X-Series operators and use VITECTOR® NEMA technology.

overhead door bottom sensors

Bottom Sensing Edge

​​​​​​​​​Sensing edges provide entrapment protection for motor-operated doors by offering an auto reverse or auto stop feature. The Bottom Sensing Edge stops and reverses the door upon contact with an obstruction.

overhead door transmitters

Radio Transmitters

Operating your doors remotely is as easy as pushing a button. Our transmitters are available in 1-4 button variants for all commercial operators.

overhead door monitored edge

Interface Module

If you need to connect a two-wire monitored sensing edge system with our RSX, RMX, or RHX operators, this interface has you covered.

overhead door aux circuit board

Auxiliary Output

The perfect solution when you need to add door limit positions, ADA output for horns or flashing lights, and lamp output contacts.

overhead door time to close circuit board

Timer to Close Module

Automatic door closing has never been easier. This module offers simple installation and automatic recognition in RMX, RSX, and RHX operators.